I dont have one... because I dont gig.... but want to... so.... whats yours? Arrivals, warm ups, superstitions, lucky charms, eating, drinking, drugs/no drugs, etc..?
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It's the same as all other harmony. Surround yourself with skulls and candles if it helps.
Chill with my bandmates really. Drink some red bulls to get amped up, right before we hit the stage jump around alot and get into the "punk rock front man" state of mind. Talk to some women that are hanging around. Yeah thats basically it. I would advise playing drunk or high unless you know for sure you still sound your best. Cuz thats the important thing.
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hang out with the band
have some drinks(not too much)
just chill out

once i played with a singer though that would pinch all her other bandmates before a show it helped her calm down

she was hot
i more than happy to let her pinch me
that was a fun night
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stretch my arms, wrists, neck. Massage my hands and do warm ups, a lot of the warm ups and stretches I do are from Rock Discipline by John Petrucci. I never drink before a show, unless it's some kind of backyard bbq type gig. Also I'll eat healthier foods before gigs. Sometimes Ill try and meditate a bit before a show, I've found that really helps me improvisation. Any type of partying I just wait till after to do it, unless it's just some kind of low-key "party" gig. Hope that helps!
Get enough sleep the day before. It really makes you play better allot.
Just run through the first set until I start. So long as the first set goes without a hitch, it's really hard to screw the rest of the gig
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Generally my pre-gig process goes like this:

- Eat a large meal

- Pack gear into car

- Have a shower

- Get dressed into gig clothes

- Recheck where gig is happening

- Go to gig, arriving 1hr - 30min before start (depending on type of gig)

- Set up gear

- Get lemonade

- Chill and drink lemonade

- Get lemonade

- Put lemonade on top of amp

- Start playing
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.