So I'm going to be doing a build next summer when I get some money, and I'm just trying to plan everything out for now (Design/Cost/etc.). So I want to have my headstock set up in 4x2, like a Music Man. But I can't seem to find a place to buy them in 4 by 2, or individually. I plan on getting either Schaller M6's or some Gotoh's. Does anyone know if I could do this? Cause I don't want to buy 2 packs of tuners and then end up wasting half of them.
Where's Waldo?
Alright, I found them on Warmoth. Didn't check under hardware, because everything else was under supplies. And I didn't really notice the Hardware tab. Theyre 10 bucks a pop.
Where's Waldo?
Good thing you found that... Many eBay sellers will also be able to supply you with single tuners. Also, if you get Sperzels you can flip them around.
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They are cheap on the wallet, but the quality is as good as Grover.
I have bought several sets of tuners from them and have no problems at all.
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i actually believe they are rebranded gotoh tuners. internally they look exactly the same.