Look can sum1 PLEASE do The fever album in GP5 theres all these tabs that are slightly wrong complete or missing bits id like to play along to concerts i have and the album so i can continue with my goal
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who could be bothered tabbing out that shit.

it's called an opinion. if he wants to play BFMV, then good for him. if you don't like them, you don't have to listen to them, simple. i'm not a fan of thiers, but seriously, just grow up, no one is forcing you to listen to them, or even acknowledge they exsist.

as for the actual topic, if the tabs are quite close, you're probably better off just trying your best to correct the parts you think are wrong yourself, rather than trying to find someone to tab the entire album. maybe even download a program that will let you slow songs down if you have trouble figuring notes out.
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Tune your guitar to whatever ever it is they play in and learn it by ear, it's all really basic stuff!
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Take it to the Tab Talk forum

But I've always found the best way to get things right if other tabs are failing you is to train your own ear and do it yourself
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