Does anyone have any idea where to get this guitar? Or something VERY similar. The finish and color of the body just makes me..idk want to have sex with it..lmao. Please help. If I can find a way to get this guitar or something like it. I am buying it hands down.

woah thats amazing, its the first time i see it.
the closest i could find are the the RG premium models

the thing that throws me off are the fret markers being on the "lower part" of the fretboard...
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Thats a LACS (LA Custom Shop) Ibanez, it would have been made specifically for an endorsee.
There are plenty of people who make Ibanez replacement parts, you could order everything and assemble it yourself.
There aren't really any production models like that.

Alternatively, if you would compromise on the body shape a little, Carvin could easily make you something similar, just without the RG body.
^ It might cost more to buy all of the parts and put it together. Plus the fact that I have no idea how assemble a guitar..I would have to bring it to a shop and they would charge a rediculous amount for labor. But I am quite aware that I might have to get one custom built for the look of this guitar. I am hoping not.
Well there aren't any production guitars with those specs + colour.
Carvin will be the closest you can get, and they have VERY good prices for semi-custom work.
I see, well I will look into carvin. How does carvin work exactly? Can you pick the color and finish and inlays?
They have a whole heap of options that you can see on their site. Once you pick the model you want, there should be a link that says Guitar Builder, click on that and there are a few pages of all the options, and it adds up all the costs for everything you want.
Yeah u basically pick everything you want. Wood, shape, Inlays, Finish, Bridge etc so yeah.
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If all you like is the finish, I suppose you could just look for a quilted maple top in dragon burst.
The closest I could find were the Ibanez RG Premiums.

Bear in mind that you could probably buy a used Prestige with that kind of money. Buying a non-MIJ Ibanez for that price isn't a good idea.


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Yeah. Dragon burst is as about as close as a finish to that. I looked on Ibanez and the premiums are the closest models. I am pretty sure the one in the picture is a prestige. Now the model isn't of importance to me. Just the finish. I know the quality of the guitar will good or better. So I am not worried about that. I looked on carvin, and I still couldn't get that exact finish of something almost perfectly matching it. If anyone knows of any sites for building custom guitars where you can get really detailed into the finish. Please post.