Thanks for the crit on my song! It is definitely subconsciously inspired by Radiohead. I'm addicted to their music.

So on to your song:

VERY catchy guitar playing. The bass-line is very groovy and gives the whole song a tight feel. Wow, I have really nothing to say about it. It just seems like it's perfect the way it is. Add more, and it might be ruined. Take something away, and it's all gone.

Liked and subbed. Keep it up!

- Huliheaden
Good shit man! I really need to learn the jazz scales and how to play Jazz guitar... But then again I am a bass man so it really doesn't matter! Good job! Now start playing in the Jazz Clubs in New York!
Fair enough.
lol i don't play jazz guitar at all to be honest.
i didn't "learn" an jazz scales, i just worked with the regular pentatonic, blues and major/minor scales i knew and experimented with some arpeggios and chromatics to be honest.
and all the lead guitar work is based off my metal and rock guitar lead playing, i just added some funky chords and drums in the background and used a clean tone on my strat rather than distortion on my jackson v haha.
check out my heavy metal project too! songs and covers on my youtube page and we also have a facebook fan page! http://www.facebook.com/EpicMetalTime
I love your tone, especially the rhythm parts. What are you using to record? Your lead playing is very innovative and refreshing. Definitely not something I would hear every day. You are a very talented guitarist, keep up the great tunes.
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Hey man, thanks for giving feedback on my song.
I've listen to yours and it's definitely a catchy music and I can say it is a "unique" one. Your guitar is so fluid and really brings out everything on the song. The bass tone is good as well, would be really better if it was a real bass playing. Overall, the jazzy and groovy style of yours is a new stuff that someone would really like to hear from time to time. Keep up the good work! ^^
thanks again guys!
yeh i was thinking of getting my bass playing friend to play on the track to give the bass some life.
in terms of what i use to record, i use the direct out from my amp straight into the computer, so it sounds quite clean.
Sorry it took so long for a reply, I've been really busy lately. This is a very relaxing, chilled out song. I love how the lead guitar flows throughout the song. I agree with Argyle_06 that the bass is great, but would be better with a real bass. Good job with this!
The bass intro sounds very computerized (i guess bc it is). The backing track is cool, good groove, i dont know if you made it but its cool sounding. solo is very good technically. its certainly not your typical jazz solo and metal-type riffs are hidden within the clean sounding solo. Its an interesting blend, and it works in some respects. I think the groove isnt quite there like it should be in a jazz solo, so that would be something to work on. It really just takes listening to a shit load of jazz to become more jazzy. Youre a good player and good natural feel for the guitar. keep it up.

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Sounds good man, a little less bright on the tone though. Most jazz guys I know are pretty stuck up about using less treble. So you get more of a "boop" sounding note. Rhythm is flawless though. The transition to swing is pretty cool.... I could see J-Satch ripping some tasty leads to that man.

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HAHA you could see the metal behind my jazz eh?
thanks again for the tips, i'll definitely take them into account.
also, @cudixx, i did in fact make the backing track
That was a nice Jazz song, defiantly a different pace from the normal metal grind of UG. I quite liked the song, the tone was pretty decent, and little bit to bright for Jazz, I would do more mids and just cut the treble slightly, and I would try to get an actual bass in there, that's the only thing I really didn't like about the song, was the computerized bass guitar, it took away from the jazz vibe.

Other than that, keep up the good work man.

Thanks for the crit btw.
That tone is so smooth! Guitar wise I could only recommend a bit more mixing, some delay, reverb and a tiiinnyyy bit of drive would work wonders for your lead imoHearing this piece on a real bass would be tops too but I'm sure you've heard that enough :P
The tempo change at 1:50 worked exceptionally well too, changed the rhythmic feel but really kept the same overall mood.
How long did this take you to compose?
I really like how your playing flows well with the backing. Not really into your tone too much. It seems a bit too thin for me.Just my opinion. Great use of scales. It seemed odd to stop playing for about a minute then have you start again. Anyway, it sounded damn good. Keep it up. I'd love to hear more jazz tracks from you.

really like the feeling of it, and how it fits to the backing track. You could probably try to implement some jazzy chords into your lead playing, just to make it more interesting, but still maintaining the melodic lines.

but nice playing ^^
Right away I loved the bass line in this and all of the guitar parts fit perfectly, to me at least. This is really well done and the part in the middle was kinda awkward, but probably only because in the video you kinda just stared blankly at the camera for it xD.
so overall great job on this, hope it goes well for the jazz assessment thing.
c4c? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1497564