Hey y'all

Does anybody know if the Visual Sound distortion pedal (son of hyde) is "better" than the Boss DS1 ?

Well, anything is better than a Boss DS-1 IMO.

It actually has an EQ, versus the crappy "Tone" knob that comes on a DS-1.

It seems like it would be wayyyy better than a DS-1.

Go for it!
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I had a BOSS DS-1 and after two weeks of use I just sold it and bought a Jackhammer.

Seriously, the DS-1 without any mods sucks.
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i have the Visual Sound Jekyll and Hyde and the Hyde side (distortion) has a very pronounced midrange scoop, and the mids knob doesn't really help this. If i were you, i would save a bit more and look for a used MI Audio Crunch Box.
I have the Jekyll & Hyde but never used a DS-1. The Hyde is very good and I've never heard a single person say anything negative about it.

^^LOL simultaneous post. The 1st negative.