Now then UG'ers.

I'd normally get my guitar tech dude to do this but he's not about at the moment so could do with your help...

Basically, a quick overview of the problem!

I'm getting fret buzz from the 15th fret. It's particularly noticeable when bending up, it seems to kill the note pretty quickly. All the other frets seem fine. The 15th fret itself looks alright so i'm assuming the quickest and easiest fix looks to be raise the bridge a bit.

I was looking around online and seen a few articles about raising the bridge will eliminate the buzz. I've looked at the bridge and it looks fully screwed down a la Bonamassa.

What should I do from here? What should I look out for? What are the risks? How do I do it? Apologies, I am a complete maintainence n00b.

The guitar is an Epiphone Zakk Wylde Les Paul Custom. I wouldn't attempt this on my actual Gibson... I'm scared of doing any maintainence other than re stringing on any guitar to be honest! Help will be much appreciated!

n00bishly, I've just seen it's the tail piece that's screwed down... should I raise that?
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If the buzz is occuring at the 15th then I think it might be worth checking the neck relief before adjusting action at the bridge
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+1 for the neck relief. Its really not a bad idea to look around on various websites to try and to learn the basics of a setup. I'm 16 and never once taken a guitar to a tech.

On a les paul if you truly feel the need to adjust the bridge (not the tail paiece) its a good idea to slacken the strings before fiddling with it. (Some may say otherwise but soft metal will be stripped and dented quickly) there are two screws on either side of the bridge that adjust the height. Slowly unscrew both in 1/8 or 1/4 turns.

As for repercussions, if you loved the action on it then this will mess with it a bit. To check the neck relief instead, see if the strings appear closer to the frets and fretboard at either the nut, or closer to the bridge. If they are too low on the nut, adjust the truss rod clockwise if you are looking down on the guitar. Or counterclockwise if they are too close to the fretboard at the end attaching to the body.

Hope this helps!
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So 13th and 14th are good, 16th and 17th are good, but only 15th has buzz? You might be able to fix this easily. Look really closely and see if you can see the string touching the 16th fret when you play, or use a feeler guage or a few sheets of paper to measure the distance between the string and the 16th -When you are fretting on 15. Check if that is a lot different than the height you measure when fretting on the 14th and 16th, 17th. If the problem is only neck relief, it will probably affect all the frets after 15. If its only the 16th that is too close, get a small hammer and tap gently on the 16 fret. Use a nail (backwards, head on fret, hammer on pointy end) and you dont have to take your strings off. You probably only have to get it to drop a few thousands of an inch.