So I've been playing guitar for around 3 years now, and I've only owned two electric guitars in that peroid. First was some Japanese cheapo beginners guitar, but after a year I went for an epiphone Special II. It was great for a beginners guitar, but my teacher said I should go for a more expensive guitar.

I'm heavily considering getting an Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plaintop now, and I was wondered whether that was a good way to go for an intermediate guitarist. I play a lot of GNR/Slash stuff, and mainly classic rock. Just wondering whether this was a good guitar to go for, and whether its actually a good guitar to play GNR e.t.c on. Have a Marshall amp, but my old guitar is getting knackered. Is this a good choice?
I'm told PRS guitars are amazing too, but they are way too expensive at the moment...
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I have this guitar and its the only one I have had for the last 7+ years! Youll find it is perfect for those styles of sound and playing. The only downsides are the G string can go out of tune after a few bends but it doesnt do it anymore and to be honest, didnt really in the first place. Only under heavy bends (Zakk Wylde extremeties). I definitely recommend this guitar. It has lasted this long and i never plan on selling it!

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Well... It's the only electric guitar I have right now, so I cannot compare it to others. But It does handle many different genres well. The pickups are good and they sound great, but if I had the option to change the neck pickup the I would.

My only gripe is that the toggle switch is flimsy; the neck pickup cuts out when it's selected or the volume is so low that the sound is almost clean, but this happens maybe once or twice a month. From what I have read online this is common on epis. But they can be easily changed.

Overall I would recommend it. If possible try it out and make sure the one you are buying doesn't have this toggle switch issue
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