I notice a lot of people say that softer picks will be better if you want speed.
My question is..........

Is this true?

A lot of people say the opposite as well...
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It really depends, I play speed/ thrash metal with Jazz picks. their like 1.23 If im not mistaken, quite a thick pick but yes a thin pick could help you because there's less resistance between the pick and the string.
This is the opposite of what I've heard and kept to - The thicker the pick: the faster your picking speed :-)
I think a better measure would be the actual thickness and material of the pick.

In comparison to a 3mm stubby pick made out of reinforced glass, a 1mm Jazz III would be soft.

I find I prefer 0.8mm - 1mm for fast picking, Ultex or Jazz III. Anything less than 0.7mm is too soft for fast picking.
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it depends more on material and shape, the v-picks are the best ive tried so far, especially for speed since they just glide over the strings but still have awesome attack due to the design/material
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it's actually the hardness of the pick.
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For me I've found that I can pick faster (more accurately) when I use a slightly harder pick with a sharper point to it. Thick or thin doesn't really matter to me, but hardness does. I even use a thick steel pick at times.
for me, I can pick fast with both just as easily, i prefer soft picks (0.63mm) but thats just what Im used to
I play a lot of surf music with my band, which often involves lots of tremolo picking/picking at speed. I'm using Dunlop 0.5mm picks. I think a lot of it is getting used to the pick thickness and adapting your playing technique to match, that's where the speed comes in from my own experiences.
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Jazz III

also - unbelievably - for a lot of applications I use my grown fingernails!!! Seriously! I play classical too so I suppose am used to and comfortable with that. But I found it (for me anyway) in some ways preferable to use no picks for even fast and articulate rhythm playing. To this day, I prefer to not use a pick for certain songs! A good example is anything by Metallica!