When i record from home, i an basically do everything i need to, Bass, guitar, keyboards and so forth. The only trouble i have is with drums. I don't own a drum kit (and i can't play drums). Do any of you have any tricks when you record drums? MIDI?
At the moment i'm trying to do it on the keyboard, and, well, it's not great.

Software i use are:
Cubase 4
Tux Guitar
program it in midi and let it trigger drumsamples, theres plenty of drum VSTi to buy, like steven slate drums, superior drummer 2 etc

if you have guitar pro, you can write the drums in there and export it as midi, then you got all the hits and timings right and just need to change the notes in cubase to trigger the right sounds, then you spend some time humanizing it, changning velocity and small changes in timing
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