I am on a budget and I am looking for an inexpensive guitar with some dark, fat and warm sound.

I never play metal or country, but I need something versatile, that goes from blues to hard rock (I will probably change the pickups and put a fat cat walking in the backyard on a sunny day in the neck and a hungry wildcat inside a chicken coop in the bridge. But that will be later).

So, I read some reviews here and there and went to a shop interested in see an Epiphone Les Paul Standard and a Dot and got out quite interested in the Vintage V100 and the Washburn HB30. They just seemed more comfortable than the Epiphones.

Some friends of mine just rave about the V100 but I did find the HB30 more appealing.

My main concern is this: can the semi-hollow cover the range I am interested in without problems? Can it handle more aggressive distortion or will I have serious feedback problems?

Thanks and best regards,

NS Campos.