What is a more effective way to increase speed with a metronome, practice at one speed for a couple days then increase and practice at that speed for a couple days and so on, or is better to play it five times in a row perfectly and increasing the speed a little? What you guys think what will help increase my speed?
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What is a more effective way to increase speed with a metronome

Practising with a metronome is all about increasing your accuracy, not necessarily your speed. Once you're comfortable that you're playing the piece/scale/phrase accurately at your current metronome speed, you increase the metronome by 20bpm and start again.

There's no set time before you increase the bpm, it'll be different for everybody. But don't try and cheat, like thinking 'that's good enough' and moving the speed up early. You'd only be cheating yourself.
Move it up when you feel comfortable, you can't say "this is how long it will take" because different things take different amounts of time.
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