HI all

ive been learning guitar for a few months now, my chord changes are very good-in general!-and i know a few songs.

My biggest problem is that i dont know when to come in if i was trying to sing along and i struggle with my rhythm and strumming pattern if i do get the timing right!

Also, I havnt the slightest clue-if i was writing a song- as to what chord to play and why a specific chord is used

I would like to start writing songs but i have no idea how to get over these problems.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Regards, Nathan
I may be able to help.

I struggled with this too. Until I bought a metronome. (http://www.korg.com/MA30) I always know now what beat I'm at, where I am, and when to strum. This isn't instant, though, it may take a little practice.

If you own a keyboard, try to match your note that you're singing to the piano note, and when you match it, just play that chord! (Or a note near that one that matches it, or even sing that note 1 octave higher!) If you don't own a piano or keyboard, use this. http://www.apronus.com/music/flashpiano.htm

If you play piano, you know about piano chords and that when you play a chord on piano, most of the time the notes aren't right next to each other. This may benefit you if you try to fit a C chord in you're song, as in the guitar plays a C chord and you sing an E. For minor, guitar would play a C and you sing an Eb. This allows you to get creative with your writing and it will sound good. Again, may take a little practice.

the Korg MA-30 metronome is about $17 USD on Amazon.com, and probably cheaper used on eBay.com.

Happy Songwriting!