HI all

ive been learning guitar for a few months now, my chord changes are very good-in general!-and i know a few songs.

My biggest problem is that i dont know when to come in if i was trying to sing along and i struggle with my rhythm and strumming pattern if i do get the timing right!

Also, I havnt the slightest clue-if i was writing a song- as to what chord to play and why a specific chord is used

I would like to start writing songs but i have no idea how to get over these problems.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Regards, Nathan
Being able to sing and play guitar at the same time is quite difficult. My best advice is to play and sing along to tracks and the like.

And the writing thing... I would say, at your stage, just mess around with chords and try your best to make it sound good. Learning about how chords are formed and work within keys and such can be a bit intimidating if you've only played a few months.
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