Thanks for the crit!

I generally liked the song. I was missing some kind of climax, but maybe it's part of the song to tease us like that.. but maybe more variation at least. I liked the guitar playing, and you have a great voice. Not fond of these kind of lyrics, but that's probably just a taste-thing.

So nice work, keep it up
You have a nice, relaxing voice, it suits that kind of music quite well. Are you aiming to explore your acoustic sound, or are you going to stick with this? Because the way it is right now, it works quite well. Do you like The Shins? You might like Pink Bullets by them.

Maybe you could add some more layers post-recording. Like this song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l3yAx2uCoHs

You know what I mean? Like, fully explore the meaning and mood of a song and all it's subtleties.

You already have a great voice and nice guitar work, these are just my opinions. Nice work man!
thanks alot man, this is just like a live version of a song tht i wrote, ussually most of my music is recorded with multiple tracks (a few acoutsic tracks, some piano, maybe some strings) so this is a more raw sound, but thank u alot!
i like it. but it sounds liek you are singing so that no one else can hear you. I'd work on that.

can you comment on my song?


"Those who dream by night, in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that all was vanity; but dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dream with open eyes, and make it possible."
This sounds pretty good. Not really for me but I'm pretty sure you'll get some water going for the girls (Vulgar lol). I left a comment!
Fair enough.
Thanks for the reviews! "This is My Goodbye": the lyrics are a bit sad, but well done. The guitar chords are good (and good playing), though occasionally somewhat repetitive, but I guess this is not unusual for acoustic guitar. The vocals are slightly pitchy at times, but I like the vocal melody & the tone of your voice is very appropriate for the song. Overall, quite good! If it were up to me I'd go with a higher audio quality mp3 as opposed to youtube, but your audio quality is OK for youtube.
Sounds tops, man! There's not a whole lot crit, it was just good. Do you have any ideas in mind in the way of extra instrumentation at the end? Drums would go great with the built up part. As it is though, it's pretty much perfect. I like how chilled it is for most of the track, really gives a nice vibe. Lyrics sound great too!

Good effort
very nice voice man!
i reckon you should record that properly and maybe get some bass and drums going- it'll go well with your strumming and singing.
singing went really well with the overall feel of the song, but maybe you can stir things up a bit, you know, like strum harder and sing louder/hold your notes longer at the end to give it a sense of climax and allow it to resonate in the listener's mind after the song's finished.
this will allow you to stand out from the other acoustic guitaring singers, cos you certainly have the talent.

mind listening to my song?
Man it sounds good.

Personally i find it difficult to come up with catchy riffs without thinking that it sounds too darn much like an existing song.

As it is, you got my respect.
I like the added bass notes in the chorus.

As Aaron said, a bit pitchy in some places. Mostly at the start. But the general close-up low voice is working.

Only real crit for the song in this form is that there were some small timing issues. Not really a big deal.
hey josh, it's nice to see boys writing songs around here... and as you said to me : i'll crit you as a musican and not as a UG girl. (lol)
so!! i like your voice, i like the guitar playing, think you have talent!
i think you sould sing louder in some parts, like the chours, and add some bass and drums it could really cool.

I like it.. very mellow. Simple but effective guitar, good voice. Could be a bit louder but that could just be your style.

Agree with most in saying that it would sound good with some bass and drums.. but i think it also works well as it is.

Good job dude.
Not a whole lot else to say.
Keep rocking? lol.
thank you guys all. alot of say to add more bass and drums or watevr, like i said before it was just a live demo type thing tht i did (wen i write a song i like to just record a video of it so i wont forget it) so as it progresses it will have added things in it, maybe some more lyrics or wat not and more instrruments, but thank you all! u can keep up on my music to if u like it by checking this out http://www.facebook.com/joshbonannomusic or http://www.twitter.com/joshbonanno