Hello pit. For the past 6 months or so I had been playing hours every night, always writing songs and loving every minute of it. But lately (since school has ended) I just get bored when I play and it's never been like this so it's kinda scary. I've been pretty bored in general since graduating so I'm wondering have you guys had similar experiences? Details plz
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It happens from time to time. Maybe start listening to different music or something. But really, it's not a big deal. A little break never hurt anyone... take some time to pursue other interests, and come back to guitar later with a refreshed mind.
Its fine, man. Do something else in your spare time. Get a job, and save money for a new guitar (that helped me motivate myself to work/earn money and play guitar/expand my skills). Get outside, develop other interests. In the end, its just natural to be in a rut sometimes. Its life. Listen to new music like CaptDin said.
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Yeah, taking a break is often one of the best things that you can do in regards to your playing/enjoyment of the instrument.

I remember feeling the same way a few years back, so I took a 6 month break (May have been a little TOO long, in hindsight), but I came back to it with a renewed sense of fun.
It's supposed to be fun, if it's not, then something needs to be done to change that.
Take a break, it sounds like you've been pushing really hard on guitar for a while, it's natural to get bored.

Find a different hobby for a bit, then come back to it.
Learn another instrument. Pick up a bass and learn it like a bassist, not like a regular guitar. It can add a lot when you play guitar again. Or piano. That can help your musical knowledge
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other good advice: maybe you aren't as stimulated as when you were in school, it's like when you have more energy when you exercise, maybe you need to get more stimulation elsewhere and then when you go home you will have more guitar energy

I wouldn't take a break, but you can do what you want
I haven't enjoyed playing guitar for around two months now. It just wasn't meant to be.