Sup folks,
Was given a new phone but I'm keen on keeping my Desire HD so Imma sell on the Arc I got, its only 2 months old and its sim locked to Orange but I'm getting it unlocked and debranded in the next week so it'll essentially be factory unlocked.
Excellent condition, the only scratches on it are daily light scuffs from moving it in and out my pocket over the last few weeks, and if they bother you that much there's replacement back covers going on the ol 'Bay for less than a tenner.

Will ship with charger, HDMI cable, headphones and a cheeky SanDisk 8GB card (and a screen protector already fitted), either in the boxes I received it in or boxed and bagged in different packaging, all bubble wrapped, boxed and covered securely!

Looking for offers in the region of £250 posted (roughly what they're going for on eBay), though I'll take offers as well. Happy to deal through here (Via PayPal) or in person. Got a few good comments in the Good trader thread so no need to worry

Happy to answer any q's on the phone and pix @ http://s5.photobucket.com/albums/y152/0oMikeo0/ (the pictures make it look WAY rougher than it is - damn flash).

TL/DR; Sony Xperia Arc, Nearly new, £250 ONO.