Hey y'all

I just read that delay is better used on clean and not with another effect... Is this true ?
I just orderd a EHX Memory Toy and I'd like to use it with slight OD. Will it be OK ?

Yeah of course it does. make sure you place the delay after the overdrive pedal though. If you're using your amps overdrive then put the delay pedal in the effects loop of the amp.
Well considering a bit of delay is kinda standard is a colourful lead sound i'd think it'd work fine..
It is true that it will work better on a clean unaffected signal simply because there isn't as much going on in your signal.
Adding OD to your tone does take away some clarity and also adds more noise in general because your gain is boosted.
With that being said however, you will be able to use a delay effect with OD no problem, especially slight OD
i have a memory boy - if anything a bit of breakup makes it sound even more colourful

oh and turn that feedback knob up.