I'm looking to get a new speaker for my Valveking 112. I was thinking possibly a celestion vintage 30. However, I have 2 questions about getting a new speaker.
1) Is a celestion vintage 30 what I really want? I play music like RHCP, the white stripes, cage the elephant, and jimi hendrix.
2) is it a bad idea to buy a used speaker? I was looking at some on craigslist and I know I can get a much better deal on one that way, but if it's going to not sound as good as if it were new I'd rather go with a new one.

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Like the White Stripes, RHCP, or Cage the Elephant? Check out mah band!
The V30 has a bad habbit of Icepicky hi-end in an open back cab. If you do like that sound look at the WGS veteran 30, Eminence Governor or the Hell-a-tone 60 from avatar. These are all V30 clone, with the exception of the hell-a-tone it is a Celestion V30 with a diff dust cap to smooth the high end out. these will all run you less than $100 new and sound better than the V30 IMO.

And no as long as the speaker works there is nothing wrong buying used, no break in needed and you can get a good deal
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The WGS V-30 is a much better choice, and is half the price of the Celestion. $70 is not bad for a speaker built to spec and/or better than a Celestion V-30.

I think the V-30 does great for those styles, has lots of mids and the treble is very precise, while it still has plenty of low end.
You might want to look for something more vintage-y in sound with those bands in mind... something along the lines of G12M or G12H maybe - problem is that they're rated for lower wattages than what the VK can put out, which is dangerous if you turn the amp up loud. Plus, there's a chance the speakers won't sound too great with that amp (haven't really tried).
Maybe look at the Eminence Legend GB12, it's voiced somewhat like a G12M, but can take 50w of power.

I've bought a couple of speakers used and haven't had problems so far. The best thing about used speakers is that they're already broken in.
But as with any used gear, make sure you know what you are looking at so you can inspect it properly before buying and you should be fine.
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Thanks. Also does the wattage of the speaker need to match that of the amp? Or should it be higher/lower?
American Circus
Like the White Stripes, RHCP, or Cage the Elephant? Check out mah band!
if i could garantee that the speaker had been treated well and not had any issues, damage or been used wrong (in ways that could interally negatively effect its performance), say like buying from a close friend, i would rather do that.

i think speakers sound better very used and broken in. even in shitty amps. i have a solid state crate mx10 with a 6 inch speaker that is a hand-me-down. probably going 12-15 years strong and i blast the crap out of that amp. well, even at low volumes i can hear a bit of speaker breakup. gives a nice natural crunch and i LOVE IT. also for example, i think guys using vintage gear sound better than new stuff partly for the older cabs and junk.

but yeah i like speaker breakup. so used is good for me. never bought one used, but im saying if a buddy offered me a few year old vintage 30 out of his gigging setup, i would gladly take it over a new one. thats just me.