I've been practicing this for 2 weeks now, about 15 mins per day. I took the advice I got last time about not placing all three fingers down at the same time and also worked on correcting my timing. I think the volume of each note is more even this time too. Anything else you guys see that I might be doing wrong?

I've included both the original video and the new one for comparison.

Original Video
New Video
Massive improvement. The first video was terrible. The second video was much better. You're really getting the hang of the pull-off technique. Try to mix hammer ons and pull offs a bit for practice. Unless I miss my guess, you're playing an electric guitar without amplification, right? If that's the case, try plugging in and using a clean tone to practice and record your videos. That way, you can hear if there are mistakes or inconsistencies in your technique, which is the second most important aspect of practice, in my opinion (the most important being actually taking steps to improve your technique to avoid those inconsistencies and mistakes).

And keep up the good work. It sounds like having a metronome really helped you to stay in time. If that's two weeks, I expect you to be playing some wicked Alan Holdsworth licks by the end of the year.
holy crap, nice improvement, your a hundred times a better sounding guitar player. The first one the notes sounded weak and uneven. The second video sounds way more confident and fluid. Very nice.
Thanks! Geldin: It's on an acoustic. I figured it would force me to play better and develop more finger strength. And I'll check myself on electric next time, on clean to check for even volume and on distortion to make sure no unwanted strings are ringing out.
Huge improvement, good job!

Other than what was already said, try to avoid bending the string out of position when you pull off, you can hear the first note on each string raise in pitch slightly.

I think it's also good that you are practicing unplugged, that really helped me personally too when I was practicing this myself.
I can't listen to what you're doing but it still looks like your fingers are doing too much work; it looks like it's not easy which it shouldn't, it should look and feel very easy and like you're not really using any effort at all.
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Zaphod: It's true I do feel some tension in the hand. It actually makes my left hand pretty tired after I practice it. I feel it most from the whole tone stretches, like C D E on the A string or G A B on the low E string. Any tips on how to get rid of it? I just assumed it was cause this is new for me and that it would pass.