Not dead, it's just got lots of grandchildren that aren't as prominent in the music community as it was: though to be honest, I doubt it was as prominent as it thinks it was.

(Does the old man/grandfather metaphor work?)
You sound like an elitist prat.
^^The above is a Cryptic Metaphor^^

"To know the truth of history is to realize its ultimate myth and its inevitable ambiguity." Everything is made up and the facts don't matter.

Most pop music today is as uninspired, cookie-cutter, think-inside-the-box as you can get, but there are some pop acts that are actually write some good (if not great) songs. Pop is a very versatile genre, it's just been watered down with bullshit like Justin Bieber and Kesha. Oh well, I was never a fan of pop music anyway, so I don't care if it goes to shit.
jesus, what a prat. i (or anyone) could take this apart, but i've better things to do. crap. have fun being ignored for being a whiny bitch.
So is grunge, whats your point?
Understand nothing, in order to learn everything.

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I can write a coherent tune ... But 3/4? I play rock, not polka.
Cool story brah.
"Could everyone please stop sounding like everyone else that's trying to sound like meshuggah?"

-Emil Werstler

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Kurt Cobain, the best guitarist to ever live.

I've only met a few people who actually like Justin Bieber, so why am I always hearing that name?
Pop music has always been shit. Today, it's just over-processed shit. We remember the big, good (subjective) pop acts like Michael Jackson, Madonna, etc today because they had staying power and talent (more so Michael).

People like to imagine that the artists we think are the best today were topping the charts in their heyday, but it was mostly shitty music that doesn't hold up today. So it has always been, so shall it always be. And we will always have dildos like this whining about the olden days while they jerk it to their favorite Yes song. WAAAH I DON'T LIKE NEW MUSIC WAAH! Stuff you will like is still being written. Look for it, or write it yourself.

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Rock is dead like God is dead: it's a provocative statement designed to get attention. It's all been said before and because music is almost entirely subjective, this guy has zero validity.

TS: I've yet to see your music on the Billboard Top 40, so until that day, don't try to run with the likes of Bieber and Ke$ha. The internet has enough rants as it is. Why not turn that anger into something useful?
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Its the Lydian mode; formed in Eastern Arabia when the Persians invaded England.

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try the sexolydian scale.
The 1970s was the era of Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, The Who, Rolling Stones, Frank Zappa, etc according to today's music aficionados. Yet on the radio all we heard was The Captain and Tenille, Bay City Rollers, The Bee Gees, Donna Summer, John Denver, K.C. and the Sunshine Band, The Village People, and associated tripe. There was this whole pop disaster called "Disco" but we seem to forget it dominated the clubs and radio.

There has always been pop music that has dominated commercial radio, clubs and the "Charts" (which surprisingly enough are controlled by the purveyors of pop music).
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