Hey guys!
So, i am thinking on buying a new guitar, and i can't decide between this http://bradhafnersfa.files.wordpress.com/2008/08/jp6p.jpg and this http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/46/Synyster_Custom.jpg.
I know this is kinda stupid because i'm sure that the jp6 is better, but.... does the price that you pay for the guitar realy worth it? I'm kinda confused.
Also one of the things i like is the floyd rose, like those whammy tricks, can i still do them in jp6? Like Synyster Gates does or Alexi Lahio or something like that
I would be glad if you guys can help me!
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have you played the synyster model? compared to the jp its really low end
its really unfortable and the jp actually sound MUCH better
the JP6 is a beautiful instrument. It's really expensive, but you get what you pay for in that case..

as far as the syn custom goes.. its not really worth 1000 bucks, IMO. It's just a dressed up schecter, nothing special really. If I were you, (and you have the money for it) i would get the JP.
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Its one of the best company manufactured guitars out there, end of.

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I wouldn't go with the custom even if there weren't a better guitar up against it. What would you do if you bought that? Dress up in a Synyster Gates costume and run around pretending to be in Avenged Sevenfold? Get your own gear.
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i knew this is gonna be kind stupid anyway, i already knew that jp6 was better but it is so damn expencive that i risk to make this stupid thing to get better opinions. So thanks guys i reinforced my choice ^^!
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JP6 Obviously.
I've played the Syn Custom. I've played a LOW END Musicman. The low end musicman beat the syn custom by MILES.

Doing dive bomb probably isn't a good idea without a floyd rose, but then again, doing dive bombs are even that important/useful in music.
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Whenever I go to Guitar Center, there's always one guitar I make sure to play: the JP6. I find them to be absolutely wonderful guitars, and I guarantee that if you play one it will make that Schecter look like a pile of crap. Not to mention, John Petrucci is far more of a respected musician than Synester Gates....
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Having played both, I gotta say the Schecter feels like a ****ing toy next to the JP6.
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Are you only considering these guitars because they're signature models?

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Are you only considering these guitars because they're signature models?

Nha, I already was kinda turned on about jp6 but the guy at the musicstore told me that they didn't had a jp6 in the shop atm so i started to play around with the syn model and i liked the sound. I've already tried an jp6 long time ago, and i loved it, but i got a little bit insecure because of the price.... you know... you don't spend that kinda money every day.... Also, if i think about it for a sec, in the syn guitar i won't get nofing new to my playing and in the jp6 u have that lovely piezo system So no, i'm not considering them because their signature (maybe the syn *coff*). But i've already make my decision ^^
Thx for replying
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syn custom
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