A while back one of my pivot points on my Ibanez RG 7620. It is a licensed Floyd Rose 7 string bridge, and I am not sure if they make them anymore. I was tweaking it, adjusting the height, when it broke. The upper part where you adjust, so it is working, but i can't adjust it anymore,.

Anyways, I was wondering if I could be able to replace the pivot point, or if a have to buy a whole new bridge alltogether? Any good recommendations for substitute bridges?
A picture would be very helpful.
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what specs is your pc? like how much ram?

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3 ram, nice

I don't know much about those trems, but on my Agile's, the posts are their own separate piece (Meaning you can easily replace it).
Yeah, that's just the top of the mounting post. You should be able to get a new one.
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