Me and a friend finished writing the lyrics to a song we have written. the style sludge/doom. the verses are done in deep and higher pitched growls and the choursus are done with layered vocals mixed with clean and growling. we conciously wanted the song to have lttle to no rhyme scheme to tell a story.

Stare among the unmarked graves
Ones without the headstones
Thousands lying side by side
Forgotten victims of the past
Beneath the clay the soul remains
To reminise eternally
Shattered futures on the field
Fade away dead of night

Onward we march
Guns in our hands
Open wounds
Flows like a river
Cannons fire
Black powder smell
No escape
Time stands still

Spirits left to roam the earth
Calling out in pain
Existance in misery
The weight of the dead
Carry out the battle plans
Will this day ever end
Slaying the enemy
Trapped in time forevermore

Disease ridden world
cast into hell
Starvation reigns
emaciated bodies
The stench of death
Engulfs our lungs
no escape
Time stands still

Crossing the deadline
The bullets soar
No escape
Time stands still
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