Anyone got any instructions do make one of these like on the internet cause i can't find any step by step help. Thank you very much. Also genre is from Classic to Hard Rock and Metal what speakers do you guess recommend. I was thinking Celestion V30 or Neo 12. Thanks Again.
OOO I would love to do this to! Anyone here know how this could be accomplished?
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Either way, grab some lengths of 2"x2" , A sheet of Plywood (around 5/8"-1") and some flooring screws. pick your favourite cab company and google the specs. measure and cut your plywood and studs to size (don't forget to compensate for plywood thickness in your cuts) and make an open-faced box, leaving a speaker face off. pick your speaker out location, mark and cut that out. choose your speaker location, mark the center and take a 6" piece of string attached to a pencil to make a circle (perfect 12" circle). cut them bitches out, mount a piece of 2"x2" on the rear of the front face for a baffle support, and mark+drill your speaker mounts on the rear. mount, wire, caulk/seal (if needed) and plug in!

(that's just a fast type-out... :p )