This is a verse I wrote about how I hate what the internet is doing to the human race.


Whatever happened to human interaction?
Is this the reaction of technological advances that we were meant to ration?
Instead this faction has dumped it on us like a plague.
They had vague ideas of what it meant to put all these ideas in the same cloud
Now even the little voices can be loud.
People not proud of what they've accomplished in life
So they tarnish their self-respect by trying to be better than themselves
By trying to be the best
The best at what?
You got a fake name, all your pictures are all the same.
Hiding angles that you hide in your everyday life, all in vein.
So plain and simple, this facade doesn't work
You're better off being worse than the people who try to be better
This verse is about nothing but the curse bestowed upon the next generation at birth.
The internet.