gday everone , lokkin to buy a decent quality aby splitter so i can attack two marshall stacks at the same time,

Q: can anyone recomend a good quality high end one.

Q: can anyone recomend what to steer clear of also , thanks heaps everyone for your valuable time.
take care muz.
An A/B/Y is literally two switches, three jacks, and an LED in a box, so there's no point in dropping a ton of money on one. As long as you don't get a super crappy one with terrible switches, they're all nearly exactly the same.
I have both the Boss LS-2 and the Live Wire ABY. Both work fine. The Boss has a few more features for the extra money. If you just want to do a Y to 2 amps, the Live Wire will do it just fine. Live Wire is $50.00 and the Boss is $90.00.
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Make one, its a good first DIY project.

This. It's not hard.
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