This is a live performance that I played this song at, and that I have questions about. Song starts at about :10.

First off, I've been getting quite a few negative messages on YouTube about it, so I'd rather ask you guys who are probably a bit more professional, what's actually wrong with it?

I had to play a solo show, so like I used to do, I used a homemade backing track. People in the Youtube messages were saying that they couldn't hear my guitar/I was fake playing (etc), when actually me and the people in the audience said that the sound from my amp and CD player were both pretty equal. Also, in that little bit I played before the song started, I think that it gives the listeners the sound of my guitar as compared to the CD.

I used Delay on my amp just like in the song, however it's been infamous for not recording well.

Tips please? Is it me or just a bad recording?
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It's not the greatest recording, but you look good. Looks like you play it well too, but unfortunately I can't hear your guitar well enough to truly know.

But hey! Looks are 50% of performing if you ask me.