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Do you ever use the phrases, "You're a fag" "That's Gay" ect. to belittle someone or something? I would have to admit that I do. I know that the majority of people here have nothing against homosexuals, but probably a lot of us use these words to slander things. I have been doing some thinking on the issue and I can see how hurtful my words could be towards homosexuals. Even though I don't mean to slander homosexuals, I am still using their name in a negative way, so much so that the name has become a synonym for something bad. Image if everytime something bad happened someone would describe it using your name.

I'm not terribly good at putting my thoughts into words, but I guess the gist of what I'm trying to say is that we shouldn't be using the word "Gay" to put something down. This is something about my behavior that I want to change, so I'm inviting everyone who wants to join me in not using the words "Gay, Faggot, Queer," whatever as an insult.
I use it to be incredibly ironic and when you combine it with other words, it makes interesting comebacks that leave your friends pretty speechless.

Well, actually, in general, it's pretty fun to do that.

For example: YOU'RE A QUEEFSACK!
I don't use it either.

Although at first it wasn't becuase of its offensive nature, it was because I mostly heard it used by prats who'd call everything the don't like "gay" or call anyone not like them "fags." Seriously, is that the only insult you have?
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We discussed this in our socio-linguistics class a while back, simply put; the semantics of the word has changed, I'm sure one of it's definitions in the OED now is just that it is used as a minor insult.
In my group of friends, we'll often refer to something as "geey," but that's because we have a friend who calls everything gay, and pronounces it like that. I never call something gay, or call someone a fag; honestly, when I hear someone do so, I automatically assume they're an idiot, an ass, or both.
I don't care if it's offensive to anyone or anything. I just don't use it because it's the most inarticulate way to describe something.
This ends now, eat the goddamn beans!
I usually call objects 'Gay'.

And as another user said, combining words with other ones is pretty fun.

'Fucking stupid piece of shit guitar with a shitty knockoff floyd fucking rose stop going out of tune'
Is TS gayer than AIDS or just retarded?

Which is worse to say?
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You ****ing Fag!

No I dont. I like Mong.

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This thread is pretty gay
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I use gay to describe something that's gay (very feminine), and I don't really say fag anymore, but when I do it's usually to describe someone who's annoying. Fag means many things, I could be calling someone a cigarette. I'd never call a gay guy a fag, unless you you know, he was being one...
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Don'y be such a gay arse TS.

But on topic, no I don't. There are much better words you can make.. like.. I dunno.. milf cheese.

Don't be such a milf cheese TS.

I'm sure you are not a milf cheese or a gay arse.
There's a good chance that what I've written above is useless and if you take any of the advice it's your own fault.
No. I used to around two years ago, but realised that I sound like an idiot and it can be offensive, so I stopped.
All the time. I use gay, fag, homo and queer, bormally as 'insults' towards friends or at objects when I'm frustrated.
And sometimes I'll use it to insult people I don't like.

Now I'll probably have 10 people jump on me saying "you're inconsiderate asshole homophobe." Well you may think I am an inconsiderate asshole but I'm not a homophobe.
And 10 people may jump on me and say that I'm a hypocrite. But I don't care. I use the words the way I use them. They're just words.
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It has a lot of meanings.
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I do sometimes, old habit from when i was a p0nx 12 year old. I really don't care if anyone gets offended over it, I (and I assure you at least 85% of straight people) wouldn't care if people used that in the same manner. It makes almost no difference.
I do, but not in a derogatory meaning directly toward gays. The definition of the word has just changed is all. It's like saying "That's retarded." I'm not making fun of retards, just commenting on something I believe to be stupid or something like that
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All the time. It just has a certain inflection that you can't get out of any other word. I'm not homophobic in the least, but that word just describes certain things so perfectly. And I simply refuse sacrifice my linguistic perspicacity for something as frivolous as politically correct verbal propriety.
I never do, in fact I hate the words fag or faget
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