I am an electric player who is looking to get into nylon string guitar playing. I intend to play mostly latin music on it although I will use it for various other styles as well. Specifically, the kind of latin music I will mostly play will be picked single note melodies such as in the music of al di meola and rodrigo y gabriela.

i find traditional nylon string guitars very difficult to play so I am looking for more of a crossover guitar which sounds like a classical guitar but plays more like a steel string guitar. some desirable specs are:

i have looked at a few guitars so far:
guild gad 5n
taylor ns24ce
yamaha ntx1200r
cordoba fusion rose

any opinions would be very helpful
I was in the same situation. I've been playing the electric guitar for 6 years and recently I've bought my first acoustic guitar.

And to begin with, I think it's a good idea to play totally different things. The first song I learned was landslide by the Smashing Pumkins, it's easy but the most important thing is that you have to play with your fingers, I've never done it before. At first that was painful but now I'm used to it. So try different stuff and learn real acoustic music, instead of just playing electric songs but with an acoustic guitar.

Even if metal is not my favorite music style, each time I play on the electric I can't help playing metal cause that's easy and cool. But now with the acoustic I have no other choice than to play different kinds of music.

Oh, and Logos by Rodrigo y Gabriela is cool to play, it's one of their easiest.

Cheers !
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