I have some questions about B-Benders. I have never used a B-Bender before, but I have heard them played and am now very interested in making a B-Bender fitted Telecaster my next new guitar. The problem is, I know almost nothing about them.

If you don't know what a B-Bender is, it's a mechanism that pulls the B string into a C# and makes it sound like a lap steel.

my questions are:

Can you turn the Bender on and off? (play rhythym with it off and turn on for a B-bender solo)

Do you need a special kind of string (other than just a standard B string)?

How well would this work for bluesy type stuff, does the B-Bender have more purposes than just country?
There are a few different types of B-Benders. Older style ones require extensive routing of the body, and they are operated by the strap button, you push down on the neck to change the pitch.

Newer versions of it are top-mounted, so they don't require any routing, and you operate them with your picking hand, so they are much easier to use, and you can toggle them faster.

You would be able to switch between B and C# during a song with the top mounted ones, I'm not sure about the older style strap button operated ones though.

As for what you can use it for; you're not limited at all, you can do whatever you want with it. I don't think it'd be difficult to use it in a blues context.
The B bender is not something you turn on, or off. It just is. (I'm assuming you know how it works, so if you don't, look it up and this will make more sense) The spring inside the guitar holding the strap button is strong enough to where you can stand up, and it will hold its own weight. You actually have to push on the neck to make it work. Standard B string will do just fine, and honestly, its only limited to what you try to play with it.
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