So basically im looking for an acoustic under $200. I dont know too much about acoustic guitars in general but i understand that its sort of a get what you pay for deal. So i was wondering if any of you could recommend any guitars or have any advice.

And just some information i just want an acoustic to be able to carry around and not have to bring my electric and amp and whatnot. My music taste has shifted a bit as well so playing more acoustic stuff with friends and possibly live is in the future to come.

If you can help me out please do. Thanks
Yamaha FG 700S are $200 if I remember correctly, and it's a great piece of equipment.
Solid Spruce top, Nato back and sides, not overly bright, more mellow.
I have one myself and I swear by it.
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Oh really? I didnt realize they were that cheap thats certainly an option that im going to look into thank you