I am considering building a custom guitar, and I have a general idea of what I am going to use: (I am looking for very snappy bright or mid tones. Nothing super low.)
Guitar would be designed as a super strat, and considering putting a Floyd Rose on it.

Chambered Maple Body
Swamp Ash Top
Flamed Maple Neck
Flamed Maple Fretboard
A bit indecisive on the bridge and nut...

Now the pickups... I am having trouble deciding what to do.

Pickups would probably be DiMarzio or Seymour Duncans. Not really worried about which PuPs though (there is a few I like) I just need to figure out which configuration would be best.
I am really leaning towards HSS, but I love the tone of minihumbuckers.
But at the same time, HMM doesn't seem as versatile as HSS.
HH would just be plain and same as everything else, but it's the easy way out (IMO).

Well, if you could offer some advice on some good (perhaps better?) ideas for this project, that would be GREATLY appreciated.
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H/H with a coil tap

THAT is something I don't know how to wire.
Vh1's top 1 metal song: Iron Man.
H/H/H, br00tz

Serious though, H/S/M that way you've got H/HS/S/SM/M on a 5 way switch. Sounds pretty versatile to me, but i have no idea what I'm talking about
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I'd say slanted humbucker on the bridge and two mini humbucker in the middle and neck, with a coilsplit. Thats versatile, and for wiring diagrams just google it.

Just an advice, all that maple is going to get f*ck*ng heavy.
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If you want to learn how to wire nearly any pickup configuration, just go here:

H/H with a coil tap, if you want:

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