So I have a Fender Rumble 150 and would like to connect it to my computer to use it as a secondary speaker. My amp has stereo auxiliary inputs (red and white female jacks) on the front. I tried using an RCA cable (one end is your standard 1/8 inch male and the other end has two similar males, one red and one white) to connect the line out on my PC to the auxiliary line in on my amp. As soon as I turned on the amp, I got static and the barely audible sound of the music I wanted to listen to. I'm assuming there's some kind of signal interference, but I'm not sure how to fix it. It's also possible I just have a bad RCA cable. Has anyone ever dealt with this or knows what to do? Thanks for any help.
It sound to me that you've got a bad cable. That should work just fine. You might want to make sure your computer is set up well for it, but I'd check that cable.
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Well actually, I just used my brother's laptop with the same cable, and his worked just fine... Am I dealing with a bad sound card or something?
I'm really sorry for the double posts and stuff, but it turns out I'm wrong again. The static is only present when my laptop charger is attached. I've read that it's called the 60 Hz Noise. Apparently it's related to grounding. Has anyone dealt with this issue before?