I need a 2nd "light" overdrive pedal for light strumming chords and such in a church setting. Right now I'm looking at the BOSS SD-1 and the BD-2 with a budget of US$100 (may be flexible)

My current set up is Erni VP JR --> Tuner Pitch Black --> Visual Sound Jekyll & Hyde --> NS-2 --> DD7

Using an Epiphone ES-335 with stock pickups

Currently I use the distortion on the Jekyll and Hyde for the heavier rhythm stuff and the overdrive for boosting solos
I'm extremely happy with my Ibanez TS-808, though it's a bit above $100. If you can find a good deal on a used one I'd recommend it to anyone. Very flexible from light fuzz to bluesy OD to grungey distortion.
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Boss BD-2-Has decent range in the gain knob, but the tone knob makes things bright past 12:00 in my opinion. It probably has more gain than you need, but it sounds good for transparent lower gain tones (when dialed in as such).

Boss OD-3-is another good choice as it is also more transparent and doesn't get overly hairy. I don't have a whole lot of experience with it though.

Visual Sound Open Road-It's another one of those "transparent" flat mids kind of pedal. It has nice gain range and can do the mild overdrive well.

Any tubescreamer type will work as well, but...

I'm mostly suggesting pedals that have a different texture than your Jekyll and Hyde. I realize that you are using the distortion then using the overdrive side as a solo boost, but the overdrive side is essentially a tweaked tubescreamer. The TS circuit gets quite middy and cuts bass...which I'm not fond of for rhythm. I think all the suggested pedals could do that open chord dirty tone for church fairly well.
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