Hi there.

I am a giant fan of bands such as Skynyrd and Zeppelin and I'm looking for a overdrive pedal to match my new fender amp. Its a 40 watt tube combo and i want that warm bluesy tone. Price is no object, so what do you guys think?

TS9, 808?

I don't know what to think so I'm open to any suggestions

get one of the hand wired TS808s or a Maxon OD pedal.


I've heard good things about the Little Brute drive too, but I think that has a little bit more hair on it compared to your average tube screamer.
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Get one of the Rothwell's.
It should be able to clean up plus give you a roaring Marshall tone when set correctly.
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I'm a big fan of Gearmanndude's Luther Drive.
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i dont know much about OD pedals but i've heard people really like the Bad Monkey by digitech. idk if that would get the sound ur looking for tho. i've never tried it.
I have a DS1 and get the sound for the bands you mentioned. You'll have to try a few to hear what you like.
I also have a G1XN Zoom pedal. Wide range of effects.
Fulltone OCD

If you want a basic TS, but with more parameters to tweak, you can look at a NOC3 Pure Drive.
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Get a Keeley modded Boss SD1. Nasty pedal. Great bluesy tone. For an added effect ask him to add a voltage control pot on the power side.
Fulltone Full drive 2. That pedal is the foundation of my tone. Has a built in boost as well. I'd go for that.
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If your looking for a Synyrd and Zep tone, like stated above, rothwell is the way to go
Catalinbread Dirty Little Secret is another great little pedal that emulates a Marshall tone. I really like my Voodoo Labs Sparkle Drive as well...

Also, give us a budget.
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