Hey guys this is an old song I've posted other versions of before, but this is a more final version. I played the bass, guitar, drums and sang. Please like my vids and subscribe and stuff. tHanks.

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Nice! It's good to hear one of your songs with all the instruments recorded

Good job on playing all the instruments.
I liked the song. Good voice and vocal melody, especially on the verses.

Good sound overall. Voice should be louder. It's good enough to take centre stage. Guitar on the first verse a little overpowering and I didn't really like the chorus(?) effect on it.
Wow, you have a great singing voice, reminds me of 3 Days Grace.

I personally liked the chorus effect (as well as the reverb) but I do love me some chorus.
really nice vibe to this song, i like your style. The singing was probably the best part of the song, smooth melodies and you've got a really good voice man! keep it up. guitar was well played, i liked the effects but maybe a little too much chorus. also, props for recording it all yourself

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Really like this song. Much better than a lot of the stuff you see on here. The guitar is quite loud though, as are the backup vocals. I think if you bring those down a little the lead vocals should be more clear and take the center stage like they should. I like the effect on the guitar, but maybe it should be a little more subtle.
You have a great singer, but your drummer sounds kind of off. I think it's the way he does the offbeat snare.
Great solo.

I think if you do that stuff and maybe just loosen everything up a little it will be a fantastic song.


listened to it again, it's definitely your drummer doing that offbeat thing with the snare that throws off the whole song. it makes it sound kind of choppy. If he can work on that and get it perfect everything else should sound better.
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That was a very nice and relaxing song, I like it.

The audio quality and overall mixing is very good! I honestly think it sounds pretty professional. There is really nothing more I can say, other than great job!

I know that wasn't much of a crit, but if you want can you give some of my stuff a listen? You don't have to crit or anything, just leave a comment if you like what you hear. Thanks.
The song itself is quite good, as is the singing.

The drums are very wishy-washy with the timing, which is my biggest issue with the song.
I also don't like the main guitar tone much at all. Is it acoustic? It sounds like that standard cardboard DI acoustic sound with a bunch of chorus on it. Not a fan, personally.

Also, the solo needs some serious compression to even out some notes that are way too loud, and your verse backing vocals are almost overpowering the main melody. I would bring them down at least 30%. The chorus ones are good. They do a good job of blending with the melody. I know the verse ones aren't following the melody, but I just think it sounds too muddled and confusing with it where it is. I would consider bringing it down, adding a harmony to the backing, and panning one left and one right (probably not full, but that's a starting point).

So, yeah. I can see potential hidden in what in most parts to my ears is a pretty rough recording. The drums would be the most pressing issue to fix. If you've done it to a click, you can pick good bits and do repeats of those where it loses the beat. The big plus it that you have a very good voice, and don't seem to need to do much with it to make it sound that way.

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I think the song was actually class... I love a bit of reggae and it completely sets you apart from everything else giving you and the song a unique touch.

Nobody ever makes reggae stuff anymore and I can't see why because its the most uplifting and enjoyable music to bop to

Really appreciate the way you incorporated all of the musical instruments into the song and I though the singing was spot on. Especially liked the guitar effects halfway through the song..

May not be your cup of tea but if you have time could u crit this please?..
Thanks so much guys. You have no idea how much it means to me when someone listens to and enjoys my music.

About the drums. They are pretty awful because I recorded them myself on an electric keyboard...haha. Also I tried compressing the solo but it didn't help much. That was one of the best takes I had so I just said **** it. Hopefully someday soon I'll be able to get some real studio time with a band and make some stuff worthy of downloading/buying.

There's a lot of people I need to listen too so sorry if I don't comment on everyones. But I'll definately listen to all of them.
This is good man! Great work, except I don't usually listen to reggae! :P

Also if you would, take a look at my little riffs: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fGVTWAQpSAY
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I think im listening to the remixed version. chorus still sounds heavy to me, and a little slap back delay might be nice. I think the bass needs a little work with timing. Drums need to be turned up. Your voice is really good. backing vocals are nice too, might want to double those. Also try doubling the guitar during the chorus, it just sounds a little empty.

And yeah the drums are pretty brutal, but i understand the challenge of drumming on a keyboard. The song is really good and your vocals are brilliant. Listen to some reggae for ideas of how to balance/produce it better.

Solo isnt great, not a big fan of the wah to be honest, I think a distorted sublime-esque solo would be better here. Clapping section breakdown is pretty cool. I could see a crowd-style singing over the clapping.

This song actually does sound like a chiller sublime, and your voice reminds me of the sublime singer (r.i.p.).

It could sound really good with an actual full band. good stuff man.

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Its pretty good. The bass and guitar start to get off-time at parts, especially around the transitions between chorus and verse, did you do the drum parts with the typing keyboard?

You've got a good voice, expose it a bit more, bring it up in the mix.

Some of the guitar tones are a little awkward, like the guitar in the beginning. Consider using a different pickup combo to beef it up a bit more, because it is the only instrument at that point. And the auto-wah was... Uhh... Like, consider using a BUS for the auto-wah, and giving us a bit of the dry signal. TBH, I don't know if this song needed a long solo, or if you could've gotten by with something simpler and shorter.

Its not reggae, and its kinda dark, but could you take a listen to my recording?