i successfully installed all the necessary software recommended by digitech in the instruction manual & also ensured that my computer had identified this multi effects unit i.e. digitech rp 355.Still,when i switch on cubase,are there any settings to be made inside this software? because i pressed the record button,but my guitar playing couldn't be recorded.Also i would like to know why i can't use my amp while recording,to hear what i'm playing? Will i have to use headphones to hear what i'm recording? Does the amp get disabled when the unit is connected to a computer? Also i noticed that if the amp is connected to the processor when the processor is plugged into the computer,the amp functioned as the computer's speakers i.e. whatever sounds were supposed to come from the computer's speakers could be heard from the amp! pls reply.i'm stuck.I already tried the digitech forums and also had previously tried the digitech thread on this forum for another question,but i only get answers when i post my queries here.So do reply to this thread or mail me at nayansurfer@gmail.com.
i had the same problem, so instead of trying to use it, ive just started using audacity and reaper, audacity is free and reaper is free for a trial. you can get audacity from here: http://audacity.sourceforge.net/download/
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