I'm in the market for my first acoustic guitar. I've been playing for about 5 years now, and want to get a good solid top guitar that I can continue to build my skills on and keep around for a while (hopefully 7+ years). My budget is about $300, I could justify going up to $350, but I'm trying to keep it on the lower end. From all the research I've done online and in guitar stores playing different models, I've narrowed my selection down to these five (in no particular order):

-Breedlove Passport D200
-Breedlove Passport C200
-Takamine GS430s
-Takamine GS330s
-Seagull Entourage Rustic

From people who have owned these guitars or have experience with them, what would my best choice be? I understand the maintenance required for cedar tops, and am willing to put in the care and effort. Also, this isn't a case where I can just "save up and get a Martin/Taylor" however if anyone has any other recommendations, they are more than welcome. Thanks everyone, it's much appreciated!
for $350 you could get an all solid recording king


otherwise out of your list, i'd go with the seagull. it sounds better to my ear, but hopefully you can try it yourself before you decide. you might also check out the yamaha fg730s.
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Yeah the Seagulls are nice.

Have you looked at some of the Yamahas?

It might be a little out of your budget but i find Simon & Patrick guitars to be fantastic
I've been able to try all of these (except for one of the Breedloves) in a store, and everyday my mind seems to change about which one I actually want. I have tried a few Yamahas as well, I wasn't impressed at the time, but I'll have another go at them.

I suppose another question might be, is there any guitar on my list that I should absolutely not get?
not really. none are bad guitars, just not great.

btw, many people think poorly of yamaha for some reason - i used to, myself, and i talk to others all the time who do. funny thing, because they make very good entry level acoustics. that being said, imo the 730 sounds better than the 700, the 700 sounds better than the 300 series, and the apx series doesn't sound very good.
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I just looked in my Oxford English Dictionary and under "Acoustic Guitar", there was your Avatar and an email address!
Yeah, I encountered a fair amount of Yamaha-scorn when I first looked into acoustics - my partner and I both have them now! In my opinion they sound great, they're very sturdy, and can really project.

When it comes to picking out a guitar finding one you really like, and that you actively enjoy playing is the absolute number one criterion. There's no harm in taking your time to find one you love, and the longer it takes the more you can save up
All of the ones you mentioned are pretty good.

Also fairly decent ones to check out are:
I know that one trap I get in all the time is focusing on brand more than the actual quality of the guitar, sound, etc. I think that's people (myself included) often aren't happy with Yamahas simply because it doesn't have the same brand as a Seagull or Breedlove.

That being said I'm going to go try the Yamahas again because I have heard good things about them, even the store salesman recommended one as his favorite $300 guitar.

And like I said in the first post, this is about as far as my budget will go unfortunately. I'd absolutely wait a few months if it meant getting a higher quality guitar, but that just won't happen no matter what I do.
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