I own an ESP/LTD Kh-202, which features a Floyd Rose Licensed tremolo bridge. Now when I heard it had the locking nut, I knew the tuning would maintain nicely, not perfect, but nicely. But the thing is.. If I were to play it for 3 hours or so, it'd end up in E flat. I dont wanna tighten the screws too bad, 'cause it'll strip 'em. It's becoming a really bad problem, and I figured someone out there knows a solution. My inotation is fine, the bridge is level with the body, everything checks out fine. I just dont know what the hell is wrong with it. Please help. Thanks people. Keep headbangin'.
Does it only go out of tune when you use the trem, or if you just sit the guitar down for a few hours, does it stay in tune?

Try a bit of chapstick on the knife edges (on the pivot points), that helps most trems return a bit better in my experience.
strum a string and push on the part closest to the tuner with the nut locked down. if it goes sharp, the strings are slipping and that needs to be fixed. ask person above for more details on that ive never had that problem so
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You shouldn't need to tighten the 3 screws at the nut all that tight. A few things might be happening, and without seeing the guitar its only guesses....

I could be that the bridge isn't coming back level, which you need to figure out why. Worn out knife edges on the Floyd? How old is the guitar? You have new strings and didn't stretch them properly or you have old strings and you need to replace them.

Best advice, if you have the funds take it to a good tech.
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