Some may take this as judgmental but I'm only being honest.
So we know that China and Indonesia made guitars are on the bottom of the food chain as far as quality goes for guitars.
Then Korea, with pretty decent quality.
And next Japan with what I would call exceptional quality and USA about the same, maybe better.
But where does Mexico fit in with this, on say a Mexican made Fender stratocaster?
What do you all think it's quality is most similar to in the above mentioned?
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Mexican instruments can be a bit of a crap-shoot, given that the country is a relatively cheap labour market, but major brand guitars made in Mexico tend to be quite good. They rarely reach the perfection found on better-made American, Japanese and European examples (though they routinely trounce poor examples from those nations), but the consistency of Mexican instruments tends to be quite good relative to American and European builds (Japan seems to have near flawless consistency).

in short, MIM good.
japan is better than the US

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japan is better than the US

Depends on the company, factory/luthiery and so on.

Really it's very hard to be so cut-and-dried about these things since a Japanese-made Ibanez, ESP or Caparison will be at least on par with a US made Fender or Gibson.

If you're talking in terms of the Fender quality heirarchy though I was under the impression that MiM guitars are just below MiJ in terms of the quality but they don't actually produce instruments in Japan any more so if you're buying new then MiJ is the best you're going to get outside of the MiA lines.

Really though, with modern CNC techniques and such there is little difference if all else is equal: the real difference is that the MiK, MiC and MiJ guitars just use lower quality components in the first place, it's not the construction quality that really suffers any more.
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japan is better than the US

Like Zaphod said, depends on the brand. Caparison, Ibanez and ESP production models are a step below high end US production stuff like PRS, Suhr, Jackson and MusicMan.
Custom stuff is usually pretty consistently top notch across all major manufacturers, and above that would be small independent/boutique luthiers, but they're usually in a league of their own, so you can't compare them to production instruments really.

I'd say Mexican production is below Japanese, but above Indo/Chinese, and about even with most Korean stuff.
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