Poll: How Old Were You When You Started Playing Guitar?
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About 10 years old in 5th grade. I quite one year in 7th grade, then picked up like hell in 8th grade and its been smooth sailing since. Now I'm 20.
18 years old, about 3.5 years ago. I think I'm doing alright for how long I've been playing, but just started really focusing on technique. John Petrucci's Rock Discipline works wonders. Srsly
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Playing since I was 12/13 in seventh grade. I'm now 5 years old. Gotta love that aging potion stuff they sell on ebay these days.
i started at 12 in June and ill be 16 in October
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Playing since I was 12/13 in seventh grade. I'm now 5 years old. Gotta love that aging potion stuff they sell on ebay these days.

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almost 16,17 now, will be two years in december
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When I was 11
Im 16 XD
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I started at 14. Thought I had a late start but after looking at these posts I see I was just on time. Yay for solidarity or something like that....
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16 im 18 now
i think ive progressed well
i just wish i had a teacher when starting out

Exactly this
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8 years old. I'm 15 now so that's like 7 years. I pretty much sucked up until around last summer and something snapped and now I'm decent.
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14 for bass, and I was either getting ready to turn 15 or had just turned 15 when I learned guitar. I was 11 when I took a few drum lessons that were of absolutely no help to me :/ and 18 when I first tried to learn piano.
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Took guitar lessons for my acoustic in Year 3 (so 7 years old), started playing bass at about 9 because I preferred it to guitar, started playing primarily guitar again at 13. Now I'm 60/40 guitar/bass, and I'm 18 in a few weeks.
I'm 23. Started guitar at 18 and keyboard at 13. I suck at both.

However, I also started bass last year and I'm pretty good at it if you consider I have been playing it for less than a year.
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13, I'm 24 now.
I'm so glad I started playing though. I think my life would be really different if I hadn't.

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Officially I was about 8, I had two years of guitar lessons, and then gave up at ten, took it up again at about 15, and have been playing ever since.
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16 I think.

22 now.
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7 first time I picked at one. Ten when I got serious with it
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10. I'm 20 now.
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I was 15 when I started playing, but I didn't really start to take it seriously until recently.
And I'm still thinking I'm not serious enough about it
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