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73 17%
117 28%
117 28%
Any wind instrument
23 5%
34 8%
Other (Please Specify)
58 14%
Voters: 422.
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Viola. Not the best repertoire of the Violin family, but I like the timbre of it the most.
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Steel drum would kick ass, but If I can only pick one I guess bass. I already (badly) play the piano.
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Other. Skin flute.

I knew this was coming i almost put it in poll
I already play the piano (well, seriously started in March), so I'm going to say synths.
Well, seeing as I also play bass and drums, I'd probably play them. I actually wanted to play bass instead of guitar, but my dad pushed me into playing guitar instead because "bassists aren't as flashy as guitarists".
The electric triangle.

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Oh wait, I do play that.


i can also shred on banjo, keyboard, and lap steel.

but to play along, i'd probably play either mayonnaise or horseradish.
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The microphone.

But as far as an actual instrument goes, definitely the bass.
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Honestly, probably saxophone. As a matter of fact, if I could go back and choose the sax or another instrument over guitar as a primary instrument I probably would. Everybody plays guitar, I like to be unique(ish).

EDIT: Mind you, guitar has helped me write a lot. I owe much of my original work to my noodling.
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I play piano as well but I didn't vote that as I'm assuming the poll is aimed at an instrument you don't/can't play (yet).

For me, I'd love to learn the cello. Drums as well I guess but there's something about the cello that I'm quite taken with.
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i dont know what it counts as so ill put other. didgeridoo. i love playing mine, freaks people out as well, gotta love the Australians
Keyboard/synth, if for the sampling functions alone. That or bass. I've always wanted to play a bass.
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I already play sax, clarinet, oboe, bass, and didgeridoo. I guess it would be cool to learn how to drum.

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Piano for sure. Quite keen on learning it someday anyway and when I have tried it, I seem to be able to pick things up quicker on piano than on the guitar.
trumpet. I play guitar, bass, drums, keys already. but trumpet has always seemed really cool to me. that and trombone.
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Meant piano, picked keyboards because I didn't see piano at first .
Either one would be fine though, really.
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I have always wanted to learn how to play piano.

Me too. You can write some awesome stuff on piano and get pretty heavy with it.
Acoustic guitar.
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Keyboard/Synth. I kind of play it now, but not as good as I want to be. I want to be able to bust out an epic 25 minute progressive rock keyboard solo at anytime, but sadly I can not do that.

Same, actually.

Though I can say I've composed keyboard parts for some of my songs.
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Definitely bass. At times I even find it more fun to play than guitar.

im the same way. I would love to get a stand up bass and slap some jazz.
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Pretty much every option there. I started out as a euphonium player, I almost chose drums to play, I dabbled in piano, picked up the bass, which led me to guitar. Yeah.
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Probably bass or keys. I did have a drum kit, but didn't feel it.
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I already play sax, clarinet, oboe, bass, and didgeridoo. I guess it would be cool to learn how to drum.

so you're good at blowing things, huh? let me know if you ever come down here.
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Drums and/or bass since I already want to play them
these multi instrumentalists posting here make me sad
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