I have a Cry Baby 535Q that I got a month ago, and I noticed it squeaking when i used it slowly. I looked at it, and on the little gear looking part, I noticed some weird white stuff on it. My first thought was lubricant for the said gear thing, and I'm wondering if this is normal or if i should get it checked out. It doesn't change the actual effect at all. I can post pics if needed.
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Its normal. That white stuff is grease used to lubricate the gear.

The biggest downside to those traditional style wahs are that sooner or later the gears and pots wear out and you need to get them replaced.

I would take it in to where you bought it, and ask them if they can take a look. Maybe clean ir up a little.
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It's silicon grease, if it's worn away just buy a tube of the stuff and squirt it in there. Sure the squeak isn't coming from the hinge? If it is the hinge just give it a spray with WD40.
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No, you're supposed to leave it there. Forever and ever. Even a lot of old Vox wahs from the late 60s still have some residue left. Like Cath said, spray some WD-40 on the hinge. A lot of Dunlop and Vox wahs are like that from the factory in my experience.
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Don't use WD-40 please! While it may work it is conductive. An electronics (cell phone cough cough) store like Radio Shack sells electronics gel/lubricant. Use that. It will last longer.
But the hinge is no where near any opening.
As long as you don't give it a bath in WD-40 you'll be fine.
Or maybe even stuff a rag near the opening if you want to be cautious.

But the Electronics lube IS a better option.
May come in handy somewhere else down the road.
Spraying WD-40 can go wild sometimes. It also leaves a greasy mess. Just better not to use it. I use the electronics gel for the grooves on the nuts and saddles of my guitars so the strings are nice and free.