I've had my amps for quite awhile and have been happy with them until lately. I use a Legacy 1 head for cleans, blues, and a XXX head for high gain stuff. Both run through my original Legacy cabinet (Greenbacks). During the last few practices, the oomph has left my XXX sound. It used to be pretty meaty sounding, but is now thin with sometimes boomy bass and no mids with a loss of sustain and harmonics.

The tubes are only 2-3 months old, but I suppose I could have gotten a bad tube or two.

I wouldn't mind getting a new high gain head though, but haven't kept up much on what all is available (besides some reading on the forum tonight). I've heard the Carvin V3 and liked it, so that is a possibity.

So, if I get a new amp (head), what would my best choices be? Also, would you suggest a different cabinet?

Budget: $1200 for all (head or head/cabinet)
Music: Cover band practice/gigs. Rock through to newer metal (Elton John, ZZ Top to Metallica, Volbeat), mostly heavier stuff though
Area: In the Chicago suburbs

Used is fine. No combos though since I run two heads through my rig normally.

I'll be away from a computer for a few days, but look forward to any suggestions when I get back next week (after Rock Fest in WI).

Sell the heads and get a Mesa Boogie Mark V. It has great cleans and very gritty and meaty distortion.
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Mark V runs around $2,000?

The combo runs around 2100 bones IIRC.
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I can get an "almost new" V3 for $400 from someone right now. Would the Mark V really be $1500+ better?
Try a different cabinet first IMO.
The brand choices are kinda endless

engl pro
port city

i could go on haha
Quote by axeman80
Mark V runs around $2,000?

I've seen heads for 1800 on CL, and entire Mark IV halfstacks for 1700, give or take.
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Think I'll try the cabinet first. Any speaker suggestions for rock, hard rock, heavy metal? (V30s, Eminence, Legend...)?
How do you expect to get br00tz through Greenbacks?
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I love carvin guitars, but their amps aren't special by any means. The legacy cab just isn't built for real heavy stuff. Since you live in chicago, email emperor cabs with what your looking for in a cab. They'll probs let you swing by and check out their production facility too and let you get a good idea of what they can do. I have a pair of emperor 2x12's and they're some of the nicest cabs I've heard, certainly the best I've used or owned. They aren't real expensive for how well they're made either, plus factor shipping out and it's the best option for new cabs that you have.
Lots of people comment on the Vintage 30 being very good for metal. Never tried them myself but have heard positive things about them
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Maybe you could keep the Legacy cab for cleans but get another cab for br00tz?
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What the hell is a G&L.

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Gay & Lesbian I think, the box smelled funny
Greg what did you send me??
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How do you expect to get br00tz through Greenbacks?

Framus Cobra halfstacks seem to do just fine with Greenbacks.
I'd love to keep two cabinets, but places we play wouldn't be happy I imagine bringing multiple heads and cabs. I'm afraid I'd get quickly labeled with having "lead guitarist disease" as my drummer calls it.