I've been playing guitar for four years, and I'm pretty good, I know all my scales, major/minor at least, so I can construct chords, or google them if I don't already know them. I'm looking to learn some new songs, in the range of A2-A3. I can probably do most of the guitar stuff you'll throw at me, but please, nothing too difficult, RHCP isn't too hard, but singing+guitar is impossible, at least for me, so all things considered, any recommendations?

1) You want to be in Singing & Vocals subforum.

2) Seriously, your range is one octave? Get a vocal teacher and have him/her teach you how to sing properly (e.g. breathing with the diaphragm, how to access the head voice and falsetto, etc.)

3) Start learning to sing and play guitar. Take an easy song like Free Falling, learn the rhythm, learn the words. Hum the vocal melody while playing the guitar part, then work your way to fully singing. Repeat as needed.

4) I cannot emphasize strongly enough how important getting a teacher is. Bad singing technique can ruin your voice forever. A number of hard rock singers are great examples (Chester Bennington, Corey Taylor, Claudio Sanchez, for starters). Seriously, do it.

EDIT: 5) Learn how to properly word a post. I realized while rereading it (to check if I covered your points) that you're less coherent than a drunken schizophrenic (a bit harsh, admittedly, but occasionally hyperbole is necessary).
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Its the Lydian mode; formed in Eastern Arabia when the Persians invaded England.

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try the sexolydian scale.
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I sing properly, I've had friends show me, I just don't feel comfortable singing higher, G is 2 is about as low as I can possibly go, and I don't like singing in falsetto, it sounds so much different than my regular voice... any tips for learning to sing falsetto, cause I can hit a c6, but it feels unnatural. But my whole idea in this thread wasn't addressing my many singing flaws, but finding a song I can sing and play with ease. sry I'm in the wrong spot also.
You may have trouble hitting the higher notes. I can't say to be honest. A2 is pretty damn low you realize. That's the A string on a bass guitar. A3 is the A string on a guitar, which isn't too high. I guess just try singing the songs you like.
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oh wow, thank you, I didn't know that, I mean A3-A4

That makes much more sense you can probably sing most things then!