Greetings Fellow UG'ers.

We're a 4-piece indie-rock band from Arizona, and we've just released our debut 5-track EP 'Drunkards and Fools' which is available on iTunes worldwide at 1MM - Drunkards & Fools on iTunes and the amazon.com MP3 store at 1MM - Drunkards & Fools on amazon.

We've also made our songs available for free preview and download at SoundCloud at 1MM on Soundcloud.

Our five tracks are -

1. High Class Life
2. Long Gone
3. Outlaw Girl
4. Bottle
5. Broken Bones

Our music has been labelled as indie-southwest-guitar oriented rock, it's been described by one reviewer as Gin Blossoms meet Spin Doctors meet CCR meet the Refreshments.

High Class Life is a mid-tempo riff rocker with crunchy chords, Long Gone is an up-tempo number with an unconventional structure featuring a nice tom-rattling drum intro, Outlaw Girl and Bottle are representative of our signature southwest sound with jangly guitars, and Broken Bones is a more restrained and contemplative song in 6/8 featuring a Gilmour-influenced guitar solo.

Please visit us on-line at our web site 1MM Band and on FaceBook, or drop us a line at One Minute Millionaires, let us know what you think; we'd love to hear from you and talk about music of all kinds, yours, ours, instruments, the business, and anything and everything related to the independent artist.

Play. Create. Be safe and be well.

One Minute Millionaires
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