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So recently I've noticed that I'm quite cheap. I actually go out of my way to not spend money. I will only spend if I have too. So pit, are you cheap?
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Yes. I have to be with my limited income (i.e. jobless) and college expenses.
A bit, I've been saving my money for so long since I've had nowt to spend it on.. and now I don't want to spend it. :/
Not at all. I'm spending very little for two weeks, but only because I want to buy an m13. But I'm the kind of person who thinks he has more money than he actually does.
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Yeah, live within your means bro.

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I have saved up like 520-30 € in half a year (as a unemployed 16-year old) due to my saving habits. My family isn't even rich and I'd like to know how I have done this. In the beginning of this year I had exactly 0 €.

It's like I've become addicted to saving, because I don't like spending at all, if it's not I could really want, like a new instrument, amp or other equipment.

It's minor purchases like ice cream, soda or candy that annoys me.
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No, I'm poor. There's a difference.
Money beats soul every time.

Money beats soul...every time. soul...every...goddamn...time.
Nah, I'm not. I always buy beer and food for people and when I get big sums of money, I burn it real quick in expensive guitar stuff. Needless to say, I don't like being trusted with money.
I'm cheap-ass at my purest form when it comes to food, especially breakfast. You'll only see me pay over $6 for breakfast if it's a huge spread or it's at a place like Cora's.
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Used to be. There are somethings I am willing to spend money on, like music gear. Because I know any cheap equipment will be a disappointment. Also food, nothing cheap there.

I guess it depends on your income, mine's not so much but I don't have pay bills or rent because I live with my mom.
Not at all. I'm always "that guy" that'll spot you a meal or a movie ticket when going out with a group of friends. It sucks when you end up spending $50 at the movies, but I find it hard to say no. Especially when it's a female friend.
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Nope. I have a bad habit of spending a lot on small purchases. Like t-shirts, food, video games, etc. Rarely do I buy something over $40, though. But small purchases add up and whatnot.
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I hate to spend money but I will if it's on something I really need.
yeah im as cheap as they get. no sale on bread this week? guess im not eating sandwiches
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No i spend money like its my job... Food, bills, gas, beer, cigs, weed, and a trip to the music shop and im broke til the next friday... But hey im a college student working part time.
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yeah im as cheap as they get. no sale on bread this week? guess im not eating sandwiches

Pretty much this, the whole way through college. I would go to the supermarket by the college in the mornings and just pick some of the best things from the reduced stock section and that would be my food for the day. I don't drink or smoke any more, don't go out socially any more very often
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I hate to spend money but I will if it's on something I really need.

Ditto. Although, somehow every time my debt is cleared, I find a new way to blow it all on something.
I alternate between being extremely stingy and not caring about my money at all.
Yes, and becoming more and more. I somehow have an urge to save more money, even though I don't even know what to save it on.
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I like to save but i'm not cheap. I don't scab money for beer off people like some people I know.
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Depends. I won't spend alot of money on things I don't want but when I want something (Say a guitar or something) I won't cheap out and buy cheap.
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I like to save but i'm not cheap. I don't scab money for beer off people like some people I know.

that sucks having someone bother you for beer money. I personally hate asking for money. I rather starve than owe someone money.
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I try to, but I fail quite often.
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I prefer to think of it as "thrifty."

Nah, I'm hella cheap. Won't spend a nickel if I don't have to. Unless it would be somewhat despicable not to, or if it's something I really want.
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Not cheap; poor.

Though saying that, I am useless at saving and overspend well outside my means.
Not at all. I can spend hundreds in a day and not know where it went

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why, are you buying?
cause i didnt bring my wallet....
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