I have an Epiphone Dot Studio that has some annoying buzzing.
When connected to the amp, the buzz is pretty overwhelming when it's just sitting in my arms.
It buzzes on lower volume and with my amp settings low. I believe it is a grounding issue but I am not 100% sure. I noticed that when I touch the ring around the neck pickup, the buzzing stops and I get my nice clean sound. I had some upgrades done to it (pickups, wiring, pots, jack) and It still has the buzz. Any suggestions? Would copper taping help?

Here is a little more info in case it may help

Epiphone Dot Studio
Alpha 500k pots
Seymour Duncan Jazz/Custom 5 pickups
Shielded Wiring
BCS Roller Bridge
Bigsbgy B700

Fender Mustang I
Planet Waves Guitar Cable

Thank you for reading this and any help that is given.
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Is your amp grounded? That's probably the first thing I'd check.
I had a massive issue with one of my guitars on my Pod HD500, and all it was was that my pod wasn't connected with a grounded cable.
Once you sort out if your amp is grounded or not, take a look inside your guitar to make sure the bridge is grounded.
Basically the electronics must be connected to the bridge in order to avoid things like you describe right now.
If you aren't familiar with figuring these things out...it might help if you know someone good with electronics to figure this out for you.
Using a multimeter is really handy for figuring out these things.
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After talking with a tech, his thought is that when I had my Bigsby installed that the ground wire was not properly set up and that that is causing my buzzing issues. Forgot to include the Bigsby in my original post and description.
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you need to have the guitar grounded properly to the bridge or you'll get that kind of buzz.

also, an unshielded guitar cable or a high gain amp will amplify this buzz noise.

so swap the guitar cable, and try the guitar with another amp if possible.

lastly, the easiest wires to check are always the output jack wires.
so double check that those two are still secure.

if you do all this, and find that it's probably the wire to the bridge.
you can make a quick and temporary fix by clipping an alligator clip to the
bridge and running that wire to your waistband, and tucking it in.

on the waistband side add a wire ring to get more body contact.

that will instantly quiet the guitar.

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could be a bad guitar cable, or poor control cavity insulation.