Well, I am interested in buying some new recording gear and would values anyone's opinion on the matter. More specifically, I was thinking about buying a mic and audio interface. Currently, I'm looking at a Shure SM57 and a Line 6 POD Studio UX2. Are these good choices or do you have better ideas (Remember to keep them in the same price range as the SM57 and UX2)? Do you have a recommend retailer for your choice? Thank you for your time.
Theres nothing wrong with that rig, you'll get good results.

the line 6 stuff is allright, its more for guitars and line 6s own software.

Consider an interface with more invested into the mic preamps rather than the modeling software.

Presonus Audiobox
Focusrite Saffire 6
tascam us122

Be aware the SM57 isnt the be all and end all of dynamic mics. When using the 57, i prefer dual micing with a condenser because it sucks for picking up detail in the high end really. Its good for metal and chugging though.

Check out some comparison videos, id rather the audix i5, its a bit cheaper too.

Thanks for the replies. I think I have changed my mind about the mic and will probably go with the Audix I5. I'm still stuck on the audio interface though. Line 6 UX2 vs Presonus Audiobox vs M-Audio Fast-Track. What do ya'll think?
I've owned a M-audio Fast Track Pro (broke it by standing on it) an Alesis iO2 (still got it and don't use it and also a Line6 UX8.

Line6 preamps are fine, preamps are preamp unless you way too little or way too much. Gearbox comes with Line6 stuff and makes recording guitars and vocals much better if you're going to be using plugins.
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